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After "Midnight Sun" announcement: So are the chances of a new "Twilight" movie

Over 100 million copies of Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" saga have sold since 2005. Three years later, glitter vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson) and his human lover Bella (Kristen Stewart) made their cinema debut with "Twilight". - and with it the successful starting shot for a five-part movie that came to an end in 2012 with “Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Bis (s) zum Ende (Part 2)”. But is there still something to come?

With "Midnight Sun" the author has now announced a comeback for Edward and Bella. The novel is due to be released on August 4, 2020 (and the English version can be pre-ordered now *). But does that also mean that we can expect another film?

“Midnight Sun” is not a belated sequel to the saga, rather the book goes back to the beginning. It's a retelling of the first volume. The difference to the well-known version: This time the story is not told from the perspective of Bella Swan, instead the focus is on Edward Cullen. With this new perspective, the readership should get a better insight into the perspective of the bloodsucker.

Meyer stopped working on the book in 2008 after twelve chapters of the unfinished manuscript were leaked. The author then felt unable to complete the story as originally intended, which ultimately caused the completion of the novel to be delayed quite a lot. More than a decade later, the time has finally come - and "Twilight" fans are getting more supplies!

So it is with a "Midnight Sun" movie

The author confirmed the new novel, among other things, on the website of her own film production company Fickle Fish Films - and of course directly fueled rumors about a "Midnight Sun" film adaptation. While it remains to be seen anyway whether the latecomer supplementary novel can even begin to build on the success of the original series (and accordingly could also bring money in the cinema), a new film adaptation seems rather unlikely - at least with the original cast.

Both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have changed a lot since "Twilight". And while the two are still in front of the camera for mainstream films like “The Batman” or “3 Angels for Charlie”, they are now mainly known for their strong, unconventional genre films like “The Lighthouse” or “Personal Shopper”. They have given up their "Twilight" roles and the image of teen stars. Above all, the two are now a good twelve years older than in the first film - so the teenagers would probably only be taken from them to a limited extent.

But maybe “Midnight Sun” will actually top the bestseller charts in late summer. In this case it could well be that Meyer and Co. think about another film after all.But then probably with new actors. More than ten years after the original saga, the story could be warmed up for a new generation - and maybe there is enough new in the “Midnight Sun” novel.

You just got up for "Twilight" again? Then off to Netflix - the full series is currently available there!

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