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Virologist warns of "carefree" population, further easing from Wednesday

Appeal for compliance with the rules of distance

Virologist Monika Redlberger-Fritz (Med-Uni Vienna) appealed on Monday in the "ZiB 2" to "keep these baby elephants". She would not speak of a second wave at the moment, despite the increased number of infections. But when the number of new cases increases every day, "time to act" is.

Whether stricter measures have to be taken again depends on how the situation develops in the next week, explained Redlberger-Fritz. Now there are around 50 to 60 new cases per day. If this number increases - linearly or "in the worst case exponential -" then action really needs to be taken ".

There is currently a "relatively low basic activity" of the virus in Austria, "but there is background activity". If the distance rule is ignored, "the virus is given the chance to continue to spread very quickly". Direct contact from person to person "is the ultimate source of transmission". Therefore one should approach further easing "with extreme caution".

Security measures are being shut down

The security measures will continue to be scaled down as planned. Every sport is allowed again from Wednesday. The mask requirement for waiters falls as well as the curfew for events up to 100 people. The mask requirement therefore only applies in public transport, in the health sector and for services where the minimum distance cannot be maintained. The nose and mouth protection must also be worn during demonstrations.

There are further simplifications for the catering industry. Bars are allowed to open at 5 a.m. instead of 6 a.m. In principle, self-service buffets will be possible again. The curfew for closed events for up to 100 people - for example birthday parties - falls. Bar serving will be possible for small bars.

Sports enthusiasts will be able to pursue their hobby again from Wednesday - even if it is a contact or team sport. The minimum distance rules no longer apply to exercise both indoors and outdoors. The prerequisite is that hygiene rules are observed, and attendance lists must be kept.

There are also relaxations for spectators at sporting and cultural events. For events with assigned and marked seats, up to 250 people are allowed indoors and up to 500 people outdoors.

Visiting regulations in Vienna's nursing homes remain strict

Access to the Viennese nursing homes remains strictly regulated. Only slight easing will be prescribed from Wednesday, said Health Councilor Peter Hacker (SPÖ) of the APA. In the future, two visitors will be allowed instead of one. Extensive corona tests in the facilities have largely been completed, 0.5 percent of the results were positive.

According to Hacker, relatives who visit a resident will continue to be asked to enter designated areas wherever possible - which are preferably set up outdoors. Visiting the room or the ward is only permitted in exceptional cases. Registration is also required. However, the minimum room size of ten square meters per person will fall.

With symptoms there is still no entry. Mouth and nose protection and disinfection are also mandatory. "We did well with the measures," said Hacker with conviction. The institutions were very disciplined.

48 residents and three employees of nursing homes in Vienna are currently infected with the corona virus. The first balance of a major screening is now available: from April 16 to June 28, more than 20,000 swabs were carried out on staff and residents in 63 houses, 99 results were positive, that is 0.5 percent.

Study in Weißenkirchen

According to a study by Danube Private University (DPU) Krems carried out in Weißenkirchen (Krems district), more than twelve percent of the participants developed antibodies against SARS-CoV-2. "This number is up to ten times higher than the officially registered Covid-19 cases in Weißenkirchen," it said. The 17 officially documented infections are said to be matched by 1,393 positive test results. 60 percent of the people with their main residence in the market town took part in the study.

Bavaria decides tests for everyone

The government of the German state of Bavaria has decided to offer free corona tests for the entire population. You are providing 200 million euros for the year, said Prime Minister Markus Söder on Tuesday after a cabinet meeting in Munich. Bavaria has around 13 million inhabitants.

Air France wants to cut 6,500 jobs

According to insiders, the French airline Air France wants to cut a little more than 6,500 jobs by the end of 2022. A corresponding plan should be presented to the unions, said two people familiar with the project. (APA, Reuters, red, June 30, 2020)

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