What has aged you

Before & After: These stars haven't aged in years!

We are amazed every time we see one Hollywood star see, which looks just as good today as it did 20 years ago. What is his secret:Beauty ops or just good genes? With some, the age difference is hardly noticeable, but the question of how countless celebrities manage to keep themselves forever young remains unanswered. We went back a little and have compared the stars from back then to their older selves: You can find the incredible photos in our picture gallery ...

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Katherine Heigl has been convincing for years with a smooth complexion

One of the most famous examples of seemingly eternal youth is Katherine Heigl. After all, who doesn't remember the sweet, young Dr. Isobel "Izzy" Stevens, who already impressed us with her radiant complexion in the early 2000s and, together with her colleagues from the hospital series "Grey's Anatomy", made ambitious hobby doctors. Since then, Katherine Heigl has been an indispensable part of Hollywood's top tier of rom-com actresses. Eleven years later, the 42-year-old is still big in the series business and is currently storming the Netflix charts with "Always there for you". But that The actress's face has changed little over the years. Instead, Heigl still looks like that today As smooth as it was in "Grey's Anatomy" in their time. Chapeau!

Face Yoga: Stars like Meghan Markle swear by these exercises against wrinkles

There are quite a few weird methods Hollywood stars use to look youthful. By the way, many don't even go to the beauty doc for this! In fact, Meghan Markle revealed some time ago that she uses face yoga for a wrinkle-free face. "I swear it works - as silly as it may feel! The days I do facial yoga, my cheekbones and jaw are much more defined"said the former Duchess of Sussex. So that you too can easily follow the Hollywood trend at home, we have collected the five most effective exercises in a small tutorial video. Namaste!