Why does a man overreact

The Afghan couple from the Starnberg district had been living apart for some time when, according to the indictment, the man hit his partner in the face at least three times in November 2019. Two months later, there was apparently another argument over unpaid child benefit, with the 32-year-old defendant allegedly threatening his wife via Whatsapp to kill her. According to the investigation, he pounded on his partner's door, gained entry, kicked and punched her with his fist. Then the man is said to have strangled the woman and only let go of her when one of their children appeared screaming. The unemployed craftsman was sentenced by the Starnberg District Court for deliberate and dangerous bodily harm as well as for threats to an eight-month suspended prison sentence and a hundred hours of social work.

The confessed defendant, who apologized to his wife during the trial, accepted the verdict. His defense attorney also stated that the wife had written to his client to call the police and "finish him off" if he continued like this. When it came to the application for child benefit, she also insulted him and accused him of "not being a man", which, given the cultural background, hit him deeply. According to the lawyer, the amount had not yet been transferred to the man at the time, whereupon the dispute between the couple escalated. The defendant then drank whiskey and "completely overreacted" in his anger, said the defense attorney, trying to explain the violent outbreak.

According to the certificate, the victim suffered bruises on his ear and cheekbone during the attacks. "But I am no longer afraid and I forgive him," said the 30-year-old at the hearing. However, there is only contact because of the children. The wife eventually asked the court not to punish him as "the father of her children". The judge tried to comply with this request in the judgment. Fortunately, the victim is fine again - at least with regard to the physical injuries. However, the man made the wrong decision in the dispute, which should not be repeated under any circumstances. A probation officer should now also pay attention to this.