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Basic strumming pattern for ukulele

Learn song accompaniment on the ukulele

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The song accompaniment with the ukulele is not only easy, but also cool. But before you become a shooting star around the campfire with your favorite instrument, you should master a few basic playing techniques. And it's primarily about rhythm and how you can be at home with your touch and your ukulele in every style of music. Even if one or the other note sounds a bit crooked at the beginning - the right rhythm is half the battle.

By the way, the term strumming comes from English and means nothing more than the rhythmic striking of several or all strings with or without a pick, so strumming patterns are striking patterns. And whether it's rock, pop or reggae - with a few simple keystrokes you will not only have your ukulele under control, but also your audience.

With the following strumming patterns in 4/4 time you will meet every song desire. The nice thing about the ukulele is that all the strings are always struck in the song accompaniment, which makes it the perfect accompaniment instrument.

In the following video we introduce some of the most important strumming patterns. It is important that you count the quarters from one to four and pay attention to whether there is a downstroke at the respective counting time, i.e. the strings are struck from top to bottom, or a serve that goes in the opposite direction. The corresponding arrows down or up show the way.

All patterns in the video run according to the same scheme: We strike all the strings of the ukulele with the given chords C, Am, F, C in 4/4 time. The chords are stored again in the PDF. With every downstroke (arrow down) the beats 1, 2, 3 and 4. With every serve (arrow up) in this case the beats 1 + ("one and"), 2 +, 3 + and 4 +.

7 strumming patterns for ukulele

So count to the beat of the metronome and don't forget that your touching hand is constantly moving up and down in rhythm with the arrows. After a short time you will have the rhythm under control, the beating hand moves automatically and you can concentrate on the melody and text.

Have fun with your ukulele!