What are some characteristics of renewable raw materials

Agency for renewable raw materialsA project sponsor of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture

Renewable raw materials help Climate change to slow down by releasing fewer greenhouse gases when used for energy than fossil raw materials and when used as a material they even bind carbon dioxide - sometimes over very long periods of time.

They serve the Security of supply, because they are not finite and can be obtained in almost every country in the world. Their use is often associated with environmental benefits, for example in environmentally sensitive areas. Products made from them are often less (eco) toxic and their manufacture is often less energy-intensive. In addition, contrary to public perception, the cultivation of renewable raw materials not only offers risks, but also opportunities for one wider range of species in agriculture. After all, the range of energy and raw material crops is considerable and much larger than the range of food and fodder crops that are predominantly grown today. We have compiled extensive information on industrial and energy crops on our theme portalpflanzen.fnr.de.

If renewable raw materials are produced in local agriculture and forestry and also processed and consumed in this country, the associated one remains Added value in the country and usually generates new jobs. This offers great opportunities and new perspectives for the local people, especially for structurally weak rural areas, which are often characterized by emigration.

Renewable raw materials are used in a wide variety of areas of industry and in the private sphere. In addition to the storable bioenergy, which can be converted into electricity, heat and / or fuels using various processes, there is an immense range of products for the material use of renewable raw materials. It ranges from building materials to paper and cardboard, materials, lubricants, intermediate and end products for the chemical industry to pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, dyes, textiles and much more.