What are the healthiest chicken nuggets

Chicken nuggets put to the test: mostly molded meat in breadcrumbs

Vienna - Anyone who buys frozen chicken nuggets usually gets "a lot of bread and hardly any high-quality meat that rarely comes from domestic production", criticizes the consumer information association (VKI) in the test magazine "Konsument" (March issue). After all: all products were free from the pesticide fipronil. Contaminated eggs and egg products triggered a food scandal in 2017.

Twelve packs of chicken nuggets from the freezer shelves - including an organic product - that had been bought in supermarkets, discounters and in an organic store were examined. The best - each with "good" - were rated products from Jeden Tag / Unimarkt and Spar / Interspar. Six packs of chicken pieces were only "average" according to the testers, and four more were even "less than satisfactory". The most expensive was the organic product: Converted to one kilo, the price was 23 euros. For nuggets from conventional agriculture, 3.98 to 10.76 euros per kilogram had to be paid. Seven products consisted of more than 40 percent breadcrumbs.

Mostly made from molded meat

Chicken nuggets can be made from pieces of meat or from molded meat. "They are mostly made from molded meat," reported the testers. Three products (Jeden Tag, Spar, Gutknecht) mainly contained skeletal muscles, so their meat quality was rated "very good". Nuggets, which made up more than 50 percent of the fine-pored substance, received a "less than satisfactory" rating in terms of quality. Here the meat was chopped up so much that a muscle could no longer be seen.

The manufacturer's information on the origin of the meat - rarely noted on the packaging - was checked using isotope analysis. All samples were judged to be flawless on this point. "But we did not expect that chickens from up to three different countries could be used in one and the same product," said the consumer advocates. "Chickens from Austria are only found in the chicken nuggets from Spar and Hubers (Mercury, note). This is clearly indicated on the packs with the indication '100 percent Austrian chicken breast meat'. "Both products were the most expensive from conventional agriculture in the test.

Sugar in many products

"It is common sense that chicken nuggets from the supermarket freezer have nothing to do with mini-sized fried chicken," said "Konsument" editor Elisabeth Spanlang. Many products contain sugar (dextrose, maltose, glucose syrup). "What is mainly pressed into the typical nugget shape is meat chopped up beyond recognition, which visually resembles a sausage meat used for sausage production. Some of the products we examined were so fine-pored that they could only have been sold in Germany with a different label . "

Chicken nuggets can also be made yourself: cut the chicken breast into pieces and season, roll in flour, pull through the bubbled egg, bread with breadcrumbs, bake in the pan, done! (APA, February 21, 2018)