What courses are there on Coursera

Prices at Coursera: How cheap are the MOOCs really?

Subscriptions: Specializations

Coursera Specializations consist of 5-6 individual online courses.

Specializations are available as a monthly subscription. In terms of price, the subscriptions are between$ 30-80 per month.

Most specializations are possible Try it free for 7 days.

If you want to take a course that is part of a specialization, you have to buy the entire specialization. However, you can also cancel as soon as you have, for example, only completed one of the courses.

Note: The individual courses that belong to a specialization cancan be assigned free of charge in the audit version! In this way, you can test a specialization for free before you commit to a paid subscription.

Certificates and online degrees

Similar to the Specializations are the "Professional Certificate " Course series.

Prices for online degrees from accredited universities start at approximately US $ 15,000.

Price range

In the past, the Coursera prices changed again and again

Different prices (and currencies, of course) may apply to users in different countries.

Price fluctuations can also have something to do with Coursera's algorithms. In our experience, however, there are fewer price fluctuations with Coursera than with other course platforms (e.g. Udemy).

In the past, Coursera offered individual users Subscriptions to the entire course catalog at. This offer is currently being tested under the name "Coursera Plus", but only with selected user groups.

On some websites it will be Discounts and Coupons offered for Coursera courses. However, you should check these offers carefully before making payments to third-party websites. Most of these providers have no official connection with Coursera and are not authorized to offer discounts.

Prices can change constantly. If you have specific questions, please refer to the help section.

Scholarships for the needy

Learners who cannot afford the course fees on their own can apply for financial help.

An application is required for this, stating the need of the participant.

We heard that Coursera helps award scholarships generousis.

For example, a student from a developing country seeking professional development is very likely to be awarded a scholarship.

Brief guide to scholarship application (no sound):

Special conditions for companies

Special conditions apply to companies that want to use Coursera courses for further training for their workforce.

This includes team rates, starting at approx.US $ 400 per user per yearfor smaller organizations. Larger companies are free to negotiate prices.

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