Why is Telus so bad

TELUS International

More bad than right

Employee or workerWas working at Competence Call Center Leipzig in Leipzig at the time of the assessment.

I think it's good about the employer

nothing more

I think it's bad about the employer

Almost everything

Suggestions for improvement

Pay more salary

Working atmosphere

Since home office has existed, I've had my peace of mind while working. It's too loud and hectic at the location


It is there. But you will only be informed by e-mail. If you delete this again because the mailbox is full, you look for "stupid"

Cohesion among colleagues

many make their own game.

Work-life balance

One is burned. There is no variation and the same.

Managerial behavior

Sometimes like this; sometimes like that. How you are under stress right now

Interesting tasks


equal rights

Is there. but if you fall too far from the grid, you want to get rid of one. No barrier-free access possible.

Dealing with older colleagues

I can't rate it, I'm not that old yet

working conditions

Computer ok, screens bad, system very error-prone.

Environmental / social awareness

Better now, because the electricity costs have fallen. @Homeoffice

Salary / social benefits

Too bad for the conditions. "Home office allowance" 7 cents


Most long employees have come to terms with the standstill.

Career / further education

According to nose yes. But you don't want to move up for the salary either,