What is the best milk for cats

Which cat milk is the best?

If you want to serve your cat conventional milk, you should think twice. The milk contains lactose, which adult cats can usually no longer tolerate properly. One reason for this is that adult cats do not have an enzyme that can break down lactose. Young cats or kittens have this enzyme, which allows them to consume milk while they are growing. In general, it is not advisable to give conventional milk to a cat to drink. This can result in stomach problems or flatulence.

Nevertheless, it is a very controversial topic, because there are also adult cats who have no problems drinking milk and digesting it. However, owners should play it safe and choose a healthier alternative, namely special cat milk.

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Is cat milk even healthy for cats? Which cat milk is the best? We would like to answer all of these questions below. In addition, of course, we would like them the best cat milk to introduce.

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What is cat milk made of and what are the differences?

As the name suggests, cat milk is simply special milk that is tailored to the nutritional needs of adult cats. This means that cat milk is lactose-free or lactose-reduced and tailored to the nutritional needs of a cat. In addition, cat milk is often enriched with taurine, which is vital for cats and can only be produced to a limited extent. Furthermore, cat milk usually has an extra portion of vitamins and calcium. That is why cat milk offers valuable additional nutrition for pregnant, nursing or weakened and stressed cats. Of course also for young cats or kittens.

Nevertheless, cat owners should make sure that cat milk is not a substitute for fresh drinking water. The delicious refreshment serves much more as a treat or snack between meals. In order to avoid obesity, the cat milk should only be fed from time to time, as it is high in calories.

Is cat milk healthy or rather unhealthy?

It is very difficult to give a general answer whether cat milk is good or bad. A very important factor is the composition of the cat milk. Basically, a good cat milk should have no lactose or only a very small amount of lactose. In addition, cat milk should be free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. The use of sugar should also be avoided. However, vitamins and calcium, which should be contained in milk, are important. The addition of taurine is also desirable, because cats can only produce this essential amino acid to a limited extent. The most important thing, of course, is that the cat's milk tastes good.

In general, nothing speaks against high-quality cat milk, so cats can be pampered with it from time to time. However, this should not be done regularly because cat milk is high in calories. Much more, cat milk should serve as a treat. However, if a cat gets cat milk every day, it will be unhealthy here at the latest. The consequences of this can also be obesity. Therefore, owners should pay attention and serve a little cat milk at most every few days.

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Whether or not cat owners want to pamper their house tiger with cat milk is of course up to you. Those who are more critical of this topic should refrain from doing so. However, if you want to pamper your cat from time to time, you should use a species-appropriate and high-quality product.

Cat milk recommendation

Animonda Milkies cat milk

In our opinion, the best milk alternative is Animonda Milkie cat milk. These are small rations that are available in different flavors. As we find, the varied composition is very beneficial. Animonda cat milk is lactose-reduced and therefore easy for cats to digest. The small portions are optimally dosed and serve as perfect treats for in between. The manufacturer distances itself completely from additives and flavor enhancers, soy, sugar, colorings and preservatives. That is why the Animonda Milkies also have an unadulterated taste. Animonda cat milk is produced in Germany in collaboration with veterinarians and nutritionists. Thus, a high quality is always offered.

The Animonda Milkies can be tipped over the food as a topping or dissolved in water. Of course, these can also serve as a simple snack between meals. In our opinion, it is clearly the best alternative to conventional cow's milk. That is why we can personally recommend the Animonda MIlkies to others. Feeding should not become a habit, however, but much more than the occasional treat or treat.

Whiska's cat milk

One of our favorites among the types of cat milk is definitely the Whiskas cat milk. It is a cat milk for growing kittens from the 6th week of life. The milk is of course also suitable for adult cats. One advantage of this milk is its particularly low lactose content. This amounts to less than 0.1% and makes the cat milk significantly more tolerable than conventional cow milk. The manufacturer completely dispenses with artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Much more, the Whiskas cat milk has calcium, which supports the growth of healthy teeth and bones. Vitamins can also be found in the composition. That is why Whiskas cat milk is clearly one of our test winners among the types of cat milk.

The milk is available in different sizes. If you take advantage of the savings packages, you can of course save a lot of money. As we think, the Whiskas cat milk is absolutely recommendable, as it has a high level of acceptance. Although the composition is not of the highest quality, we are still convinced. Also because the milk is only fed from time to time. Here owners should also make sure that it is only a "supplementary food" and not full-fledged cat food.

Special cat milk for kittens

As with cat food, there are different types of milk for cat milk that are adapted to the individual life stages of a cat. Therefore, of course, kittens also need different cat milk than adult cats. Here the recipe is adapted to the nutritional needs of a young cat or kitten. The Whiskas cat milk offers a good alternative, because it is for kittens from the 6th week of life. In addition, there is also milk powder for baby cats, which is adjusted to the energy needs of kittens in the first weeks of life.