Can I still play professional football?

Kicking in the team - despite Corona

Playing football outside - actually 10 against 10. That should be possible again from Monday. Then up to 20 children under the age of 14 can do sports together outside. If you keep your distance. So there are no duels in football for the time being. Doing sport together in larger groups should only be allowed in areas where there are not very many corona cases.

Indoor sport possible again from the end of March

From the end of March, indoor sports should also be possible. But only sport where you can keep your distance. For example, ballet in the ballet studio - when everyone is dancing for themselves - or karate, when everyone just goes through the exercises for themselves, but doesn't fight with each other. And outside football or boxing should also be allowed - that is, sport in which you have physical contact with others. Both are only possible in areas where there are few corona cases. In areas with a moderate number of corona cases, children have to take a quick test before training. With this they show that they have no corona.

Do new corona rules also apply in North Rhine-Westphalia?

On Wednesday, the prime ministers of the federal states, together with Chancellor Angela Merkel, decided that more sport should soon be possible. You have written a kind of timetable as to when and how the corona rules should be relaxed. Now we have to wait and see whether the government in North Rhine-Westphalia adheres exactly to it. Because each federal state decides itself on the exact rules. We should know more by the weekend at the latest.