What is capacity building

Capacity building

Our child protection experts are professionals strategically located in different parts of the world. Not only do they understand the country-specific legal and social contexts of child safety, they also support organizations in their own language.

Expert child protection advice and support

Together, our experts have worked in almost every country in the world, supporting all types of organizations: government, civil society and non-profit organizations. No organization is too big or small to take responsibility for its children.

Realizing that it is everyone's responsibility to keep children safe from harm, our capacity-building program helps organizations systematically incorporate child safety into the way they work. We therefore support organizations in every phase of the process: from developing a child protection policy to identifying suitable systems and processes to monitoring and evaluating their implementation. All of our work is firmly anchored in our International Standards for Child Protection Insurance, which focus on policy, people, process and accountability.

More and more major donors such as the European Commission, USAID (pdf) and the Oak Foundation are using KCS protection standards as a benchmark to ensure that their partners and fellows do not harm children in their programs and activities.

Help keep children safe

We support organizations faced with a variety of parental control challenges and we do not have a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we adapt the way we work to different organizational needs and consistently look for new and innovative ways to enable organizations to adapt and strengthen their approaches. This can be in the case of emergency emergencies, at international sporting events or when offering child sponsorships, e.g. B .:

  • We advise You targeted about the challenges your company is facing and save you time and money to come up with effective solutions.
  • We match you with the right expert to help you solve your problem. Every consultant on our team is an authority in their field and brings an extraordinary depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to the table
  • We offer Follow up support through mentoring and coaching, with experts from the global membership of KCS

We are here to help

For more information on how we can help you develop your child protection policy and run tailored capacity building workshops, please contact our team today.