Why did Google kill PowerMeter

Most experts agree that in theory it would be best to clean and oil the chain after every ride. Sure, that is hardly possible for anyone. Time is running out these days, and the sofa also needs to get the attention it deserves.

Many riders oil their chain after every ride and others just put more oil on the chain before their next ride. But there are also the candidates who do nothing. Basically, it is about which of these people can drive their chain the longest without damaging the remaining drive components.

A thick mass of mud, dirt and road salt can work up your chain very quickly while you are driving. Most experts therefore advise that you should at least examine your chain more closely after every ride to check the degree of soiling.

Depending on how dirty your chain is, you should clean it after every ride. If the degree of pollution does not require it and the time does not allow it, you can definitely do without it.

Many professionals use a degreaser and special chain cleaner to clean the chain before new chain oil is used.

How do the requirements for your drive differ in winter and summer?