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Technology qualifications: Most popular training topics in 2020 and current trends

For the study, Skillsoft evaluated the queries from five million learners in the field of IT and technology training on the learning platform. The areas of software knowledge, programming, data processing, security and the cloud were highlighted. Trends for skills that are particularly in demand were also analyzed.

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The need for skills in data analysis and the like is increasing

The use of data in companies is no longer limited to just one area, but extends across the entire organization. Therefore, employers need to improve data literacy in all job areas through skills such as data analysis and the basics of data security, according to Skillsoft. Last year, the service provider recorded a 1000 percent increase in course usage in the area of ​​data analysis and data visualization.

Most popular courses in 2020

Of the ten most popular courses on the platform - as measured by time spent - eight were in data science and SQL. In the EMEA region, the most coveted course degrees also included training content on software skills (27.22 percent), infrastructure (21.45 percent), data processing (16.49 percent), programming (15.12 percent), cloud (10.39) Percent) and security (9.34 percent).

The most important courses on security topics

The ten most common training topics in the area of ​​security were Information Data Systems, Security Fundamentals, Cyberops, Phishing Defensive Strategies, Cloud Security, Threat Intelligence, Information System Security, Application Security, Infrastructure Security and Ethical Hacking. Due to the increased switch to remote work, the need for online and information security moved even more into focus, according to the report. The demand for skills like DevOps and CloudOps Security saw a rapid increase in 2020. According to the prognosis, this trend will continue in 2021, as many employees continue to work from home and work processes are generally becoming increasingly virtual.

Trends for 2021

For this year, according to the preview, qualifications and technical skills from the following areas will be particularly in demand: programming languages ​​such as Python, data analysis, basics of data security, agile methods, DevOps and SecOps as well as cloud basics.

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