Can we give GATE in the 6th semester?

Didn't do the Physikum? Change university!

Become first section of the medical examination (also as Physikum known) after the prelink (semester 1 to 4) is not successful, for whom everything is important: Can the course be continued - or was the previous academic effort and the sometimes tedious search for a place to study in Germany in vain? The test is extremely selective, and while it can usually be repeated twice, the possibility of ultimate failure is always very real - what then It is impossible to continue studying medicine in Germany makes. The consolation remains that the failure occurred in an early phase of the study - because what is more annoying than having (almost) finished the study and then being slowed down shortly before the end by the final failure of the second section of the medical examination ?

If you have failed at one of these hurdles, studying in Germany is unfortunately not possible, as the exam is definitely not passed (this is also the official name). But there are ways abroad to still get a degree and to be able to realize your dream career as a doctor. We from medigate will be happy to advise you on this and take care of your swift transfer to a Bulgarian university, so that you can continue your studies without wasting time and complete your studies successfully.

You can find more detailed information in our corresponding article, which you can find here.

But still become a doctor - in Bulgaria

medigate works with the leading medical universities in Bulgaria that offer courses in English (unfortunately, German-language courses in medicine or dentistry are not possible in Bulgaria). The change is not easy and includes some bureaucratic hurdles, so that on the one hand access is made possible, on the other hand all previous achievements are recognized if possible or, in the case of deficits, an expedient agreement can be reached with the Bulgarian university of choice.

Knowledge of Bulgarian is necessary in the further course of the studies and Bulgarian lessons are compulsory from the first semester, even if the lectures and seminars are in English. After all, prospective doctors must be able to communicate with patients as part of their training. But it shouldn't fail because of that - and here, too, as an agency based in Sofia, we can competently help if the relevant educational offers at the university should not be sufficient.

When can I change universities?

Such a lateral entry can of course take place earlier or later in the course of medical studies. A change to a Bulgarian university is only possible up to a maximum of the seventh subject semester (or the changing student would have to put up with being demoted to the seventh semester at the Bulgarian target university, even if, for example, he has already completed nine full semesters in Germany and all of them has successfully passed the certificate). It is more realistic, however, to start in the fifth semester, at least if the course in Germany was “classic”.

A Bulgarian degree is recognized throughout the EU without any problems. And both in terms of the cost of living and the tuition fees, Bulgaria is a cheap location in European comparison. If you have become curious and would like to find out more about the possibilities of changing university to a medical university in Bulgaria, we look forward to your inquiry and will find the optimal solution for your case too! As you can see, there is a lot to be said for studying medicine in Bulgaria!

Join us now medigate and trust in our expertise! In a non-binding initial meeting, we would be happy to clarify whether a move to Bulgaria is an option for you. Even COVID-19 shouldn't prevent you from completing your studies quickly and successfully.

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