Which subjects should I choose in art?

Choice of 4 Abitur subjects (§ 12)

Preliminary remark: 1st and 2nd subject are the advanced course subjects with a 4.25-hour Abitur exam (4 hours 15 minutes),

the 3rd subject is a basic course subject with a 3-hour Abitur exam,

the 4th subject is a basic course subject with an oral examination in the Abitur

  1. All 3 fields of activity must be covered by the 4 Abitur subjects.
  2. At least one of the advanced courses must be a foreign language continued from the SI, mathematics, a natural science or German.
  3. Must have among the high school subjects two the subjects German, mathematics and foreign language (two foreign languages ​​do not meet this requirement).
  4. Task area I can only be covered by German or a FS, i.e. not by art or music. Art or music can therefore only be chosen as a further Abitur subject in addition to German or a foreign language.
  5. All Abitur subjects must be learned since the beginning of the introductory phase and must be exams from the beginning of the qualification phase at the latest.

    • 1./2: Subject: LK, fixed from Q1 / 1

    • 3rd (written) / 4th (oral) subject: GK, fixed from Q2 / 1

  6. Religion can cover task field II, the compulsory assignment in task field II according to § 11 must be fulfilled regardless of this.

  7. There are no advanced courses in a foreign language that is new to the E phase.

  8. Sport is not an Abitur subject at the GaW.


From these conditions it follows, among other things:


  • No LK combination PA / GE, PA / SW or GE / SW

  • It is not possible to have 2 natural science high school subjects

  • A natural science Abitur subject cannot be combined with the Abitur subject art or music

  • Mathematics is required as an Abitur subject in the following cases:

    in art or music for the Abitur subject

    with 2 social sciences as an Abitur subject

    with 2 foreign languages ​​as Abitur subject