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British schools have an excellent reputation

England offers you the best conditions for a successful student exchange. The English education system is highly regarded internationally, which is due to the high academic standards of the high schools. Between the ages of 16 and 19 you will attend secondary level 2 in England, the so-called sixth form. This is mostly taught at extra sixth form colleges, Boston College and Ashton College are two of these colleges.

If you stay 2 years you have the chance to reach the A-Levels, the British Abitur. With this you have the chance to study in England as well as in Germany and worldwide. Take your chance!

The school year starts in September and ends in July. It is divided into 3 terms, whereby you can stay between 1 and 3 terms in the England - Pur program. Our England - Select Plus program offers you a stay of 2 weeks or more.

Great Britain also for under 16s

When you are 14 to 15 years old, you will attend grammar school in England.

School uniforms are compulsory at grammar schools. The school uniforms are very popular with our participants.

A wide range of subjects gives you the opportunity to choose your favorite subjects or to try out new, interesting subjects such as film studies. At the Grammar School you choose a total of 8 subjects, one of which must be English. You can choose from a pool of 50 subjects. The subjects include English and mathematics, but also various languages ​​and subjects such as accounting, nature conservation or photography.

In addition to school subjects, you are offered many sports - such as football, volleyball or tennis - but also music, art or drama.

English high schools

Many high schools in England can look back on and maintain a long tradition. Classes start between 8:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. and usually end around 3:30 p.m. or 4 p.m. In some schools there is a school service at least once a week. The schools are all equipped with cafeterias and offer you well-fed meals during the lunch break.

The learning climate in England is very personal and strongly influenced by presentations. Your English will improve amazingly quickly, so you won't have any problems following the class. Many schools also offer an extra English course for exchange students.

Large range of subjects

In the upper level, you choose between 4 and 6 subjects. In addition to the common subjects such as English, mathematics, German and natural sciences, you have the choice of extraordinary subjects such as film studies or photography. Many schools allow you to choose from 20 to 50 subjects. Take your chance and try something new!

Afternoon activities

Many activities that you can take advantage of in your free time take place outside of high school. However, they are often equipped on the well-equipped school grounds, as sports halls are well-equipped here in addition to outdoor facilities. For boys, the focus is on football, while other popular sports are rugby, cricket, basketball and volleyball. Grass hockey is very popular with girls, but so are soccer, volleyball and handball.

You can find non-sporting leisure activities such as the cinema in every city. Your new friends are sure to offer you a lot of opportunities. Discover new interests that you don't know about today!

Experience London with our London Orientation Camp

Experience London, the capital of Great Britain, in 4 unforgettable days! Together with many other participants you will discover London and experience the London Eye, London Dungeon, Buckingham Palace or Madame Tussauds. Of course, you shouldn't miss a shopping tour on famous Oxford Street or in the Harrods department store.

The journey to London always takes place on Wednesdays. The day of arrival is considered the first day and always ends with a round-trip tour of London.

The journey can be made individually or you can take part in our group flight from Düsseldorf, Dortmund or Frankfurt. The group flight can be booked in the standard package; it is already integrated in the plus package.

The departure takes place on Saturday. Here we will accompany you to the meeting point with your local supervisor or accompany you to the onward flight or to the train station for the onward journey to the host family. This way we ensure that you are always well looked after.

In London we live at the YHA London Thameside. Here you live with up to 7 participants in a shared room and take part in the YHA's breakfast buffet.
You will always be accompanied by German-speaking GYG supervisors.

Take your chance and experience London in 4 days!

In the standard package, the London trip can optionally be booked for 350 €, in the plus package the costs are already integrated.

The price includes your German-speaking care, accommodation and breakfast.

You can use an additional package for € 250, this includes all entrance tickets and full board.

Only the transport within London has to be paid additionally.

Brief information
Age:14-19 years

Length: 1 term (3-4 months), school half year, 2 terms, school year

Accommodation: host family

Language level: Medium command of English

Type of school: Open to all types of schools

Grade point average: 3.5 or better

Application time:

Departure in summer: April 15th

Departure in winter:30. September

Late application:On demand

Apply for our today free and non-binding Interview with you or in your area and spend your adventure abroad in England with our England - Pur program.

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