Has anyone ever died of ironic poisoning

5 famous films & comma; the terrible for effects substances

Not everything Hollywood shows you is a lie. Sometimes the only way to get that perfect shot of a jet ski riding in a pile of human feces a guy is to pay a guy to ramp a jet ski in a pile of human feces. It happens more often than you think, and not just to stunt doubles and interns, either. For example:

# 5. The android blood became rancid milk

was full of acid-bleeding penis monsters, grotesque face hugging vagina creatures, exploding stomachs, and androids that bled white stuff. The latter seems pretty harmless by comparison, doesn't it?

That's just because you weren't on set ...

The terrible reality

In the original the android blood effects were achieved with simple food coloring, but James Cameron took it to the next level by substituting gallons of milk and yogurt. With that in mind, here is Lance Henriksen:

What you don't see that screencap is Henriksen's character, bishop, dramatically coughing that stuff up all over the place in the first place. Yes, he had to, chug rotten dairy products and vomit them back on himself like a pornographic.

Of course it doesn't start spoiled. The problem was that the special effects team didn't forget to put the milk and yogurt smoothie back in the fridge after they whipped it up. You just left it overnight - and it also sat under that hot light between which takes a long, long time ...

If Henriksen's performance seems really painful in his closing scenes, it's not just acting: After the scene wrapped up Henriksen says, 'he was "sick as a dog" and spent the next four days throwing up. And it wasn't because of the disturbing alien queen egg slide scene ...

# 4. Filmed in a real garbage dump full of poop

Neill Blomkamp makes more entertaining sci-fi comments on social issues, and they're not exactly fine. In the big-budget sequel, he presents a dystopian future where 99 percent scrape together an impoverished existence in the vast slums that encircle the entire earth, while the wealthy orbits the planet in a tastefully decorated space station. But these settings are obviously the result of elaborate sets and CGI - they didn't actually send Jodie Foster into space and of course they wouldn't send Matt Damon running around a veritable landfill.

The terrible reality

Sometimes Matt Damon means wading through a sea of ​​rubbish and we're not just talking about. Blomkamp shot large parts of the Elysium in Mexico City's Bordo Poniente, the world's second largest dump. The landfill covers 975 hectares and holds 76 million tons of garbage.

The fear of the disease was very real: Damon had to discard his clothes at the end of each day of shooting. Here is a position that the cast and crew affectionately called "Poo River."

So, when you watch Damon and Sharlto Copley battle in this apocalyptic wasteland, remember that the dust that blows around their faces and probably in their lungs is mostly "feces." The crew was lucky enough to be given masks, but the actors had to go without risking a case of ol 'poop lungs.

# 3. The zombies in ate ham, animal organs, and chocolate syrup ... together

, the film that kicked off a long-lived love affair with zombies so we grew upset and far from each other, initially shocking audiences with its realistic portrayal of cannibalism. Though it was filmed in black and white and mostly in the dark, so George Romero could probably have ran through with chocolate syrup for blood, got ham for meat, and a number of animal organs that the butcher shop threw away.

The terrible reality

In fact, that's exactly what he did. The cannibal effects were mostly achieved by the actors butcher shop going off and eating ham from the fake human body parts. It's not that it was rancid ham or rotten beef hearts or anything like that. The blood effects were achieved with chocolate syrup. That's not that bad either. But they had to eat these things together:

And that's not "gourmet chocolate bar with caramelized bacon" or "liver with a reduction in cocoa powder." This was cheap, room temperature roast ham, pork intestines and bosco.

Using pork as a substitute for human flesh is a ploy that zombie filmmakers use to this day in particular, but the cast of the show get the option of tasty, grilled pork covered with food coloring instead of chocolate. However, some particularly hardcore actors will shred raw chicken with their teeth for even more realism. No matter what Shane Rick may have said, at least the guy playing it seems like he has the bullets to survive the zombie apocalypse.

# 2. The actors were surrounded by rotting fish

it's about a group of people suffering terribly for trying to do the right thing (there's a reason they aren't called). And none of the characters suffer as Fantine, a young woman who tries to support her daughter, loses her job for her boss back, advances, sells her hair and teeth, and ultimately goes full prostitution. Then she dies of tuberculosis. Then she'll probably go to hell. Like the ghetto of hell. And in the 2012 film, the set designer wanted to make sure that the actors were every bit as bad as a time when the audience had it.

The terrible reality

According to production designer Eve Stewart, they put in real seaweed and set barrels of decaying fish, slowly adorning the rank under the studio lights. Putrid seafood really helps add that 19th century seaside prostitute mood. To make matters worse, this is the same sentence where Anne Hathaway, who plays Fantine, takes the four-minute, single-shot take of "I Dreamed a Dream" which recorded the eight hours of film.

And yet the version of the song used in the film was nailed, take on the fourth, which was shot in just 20 minutes. But Hathaway insisted that she could do better and went on to try again and again and again for another, seven and a half hours, during which time she and the rest of the cast and crew were aerosolized from rot Steamed fish.

There is suffering for your art and then you make sure that everyone else suffers for your art. We guess the crew made fun of Hathaway's hairstyle or something, and she's really, really good at revenge.

#1. The snow was poisonous asbestos

Studios had to come up with a compelling hands-on method of simulating snow in the event that the maker could control the weather with sheer willpower and disdain, before CGI came up with a compelling practical impact method. The most common trick was to blow wispy little cotton around balls. It worked pretty well, but it was missing some (that's French for "air poison").

The terrible reality

When a firefighter advised that cotton is incredibly flammable, the filmmakers behind made a bold decision in the name of health and safety: they outsourced cotton for. On the set, OHS officers promptly died of ironic poisoning.

The scene in which Glinda the good witch sends a gentle blizzard to wake Dorothy from the magical poppy fields? Yeah, she really blew bucketloads of cancer, deadly asbestos right into Dorothy's face. Perhaps her name is meant to be tiny, ironic, like a tall man's call.

To be fair, the dangers of asbestos weren't very well known back then; We were only deprived of heroin and radium as a tasty snack for the kids for just a couple of decades. Also white chrysotile asbestos - the way she bathed Dorothy in - is less lethal than another, but that's a bit like saying it's safer than a polar bear against Mike Tyson. Experts consider it extremely unwise to fuck around with either.

Judy Garland and pals joked through 27 asbestos blizzards before they got the footage they needed, which was because the actors who kept their screws had no idea that each stutter was taking a month out of their lives. It wasn't just a stroke of luck for both of them. The Bing Crosby Christmas movie had both stars literally buried in potential cancer.

The golden age of deadly snow ended with World War II when America's asbestos stash was diverted from the military effort forcing Hollywood to develop more sensible alternatives. But years later people still bought chrysotile snow products to decorate their Christmas trees at home. So if you ever find packages of stuff called "Pure White" or "White Magic" or "Snow Drift" up in Grandma's attic, remember that these are leftover drug cocaine from the good old days, not.

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