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Cancers 2017: 1800 people die of work-related cancer

Every year around 1,800 people die in Austria from work-related cancer. That is four times as many as in traffic accidents. The AUVA drew attention to these alarming figures on Thursday against the backdrop of World Cancer Day on February 4 and announced that it would continue to focus on the prevention of occupational cancer in 2020.

"Extrapolated, about ten percent of the total of 20,000 cancer deaths per year in Austria are related to work," said an AUVA broadcast. Many of these cases could be prevented by taking the right protective measures when dealing with carcinogenic substances in the workplace.

High follow-up costs

"Every occupational cancer is one too many," emphasized Daniela Zechner, director of AUVA. In line with its prevention mission, AUVA will therefore dedicate another year to information and awareness-raising about carcinogenic substances. "The less visible the dangers, the higher the risk of wrongly assessing them or even overlooking them," said Zechner.

In addition to human suffering, occupational cancer causes high economic follow-up costs. According to the "Roadmap on Carcinogens", in which the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work is involved along with other institutions, these costs across the EU are 2.4 billion euros per year.

According to Statistics Austria, 357,781 people with a cancer diagnosis were living in Austria at the beginning of 2018. Half of the 41,389 new cases (2017) affected the breast, prostate, intestine or lungs.

In 2017, a total of 10,933 men and 9215 women died from cancer. Cancer was responsible for about a quarter of the annual deaths. In 2017, 22,442 men and 18,947 women were diagnosed with cancer in Austria. The most common diagnoses were 5355 malignant breast tumors in women and 5697 malignant prostate tumors in men, followed by 4676 malignant tumors of the lungs and 4284 malignant tumors of the colon and rectum, respectively.

Breast cancer is responsible for 17 percent of all cancer deaths. Breast cancer was thus also the leading cause of cancer-related death in women. Prostate cancer was responsible for around one in eight deaths from cancer (12 percent) in men in 2017.

Lung cancer ranked first among the causes of cancer-related death in men (22 percent), and in women it came second after breast cancer (16 percent). (Apa / pech)