How long is protein good for

Protein and muscle building - this is how it works

Protein is one of themost important building blocks of the body. Proteins, also called proteins, are made up of various essential amino acids.

It is especially essential for himMuscle building. Proteins must be added to the body through food. There are bothherbal, as well asanimal proteins. If too much protein is absorbed, the body excretes this again in the urine.

No muscle building without protein

Building muscle without protein? Only works to a limited extent. Because protein plays a role in building muscledecisive role. The basic requirement to build muscle is of course weight training.

Still, getting enough protein can optimize your workout. The protein requirement increases with the training intensity and must accordinglybe adjusted.
The protein intake isessential for building muscle, as the muscles are largely made up of protein.

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How Much Protein Do I Need to Build Muscle?

According to the DGE, 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is recommended. However, this is a guideline for non-athletes. Those who exercise regularly have to adjust their protein intake accordingly.

Especially those who want to build muscle should do moreprotein foods to grab. If the focus is on building muscle, we recommend daily1.3 to 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram to include - this applies to both sexes. But when is the best time to take in as much protein as possible as quickly as possible?

Basically, during the muscle building phase, acontinuous recording of protein is beneficial. This can be divided into 5-6 meals a day, for example. In this way, the muscles are supplied with sufficient protein around the clock.

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Building muscle with protein: post-workout shake

The post-workout shake in particular can be helpful in building muscle. After your workout shouldwithin the anabolic window - up to 2 hours after training - protein can be absorbed. An exact indication of the anabolic window cannot be found.

Science is not yet sure how long the anabolic window is "open". It is clear that the protein intakedirectly after training up to approx. 60 minutes after the end of training, has a particularly positive effect on muscle building.

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Whey Protein - The classic for building muscle

The body consumes an enormous amount of energy during training. During intense training you canMuscle proteins for energy production can be synthesized. This is especially the case with intensive loads in the anaerobic area. The structural substance of the muscles is attacked.Protein shakes can help the body build new substance.

TheWhey protein is the most popular protein shake for Muscle building and is particularly suitable for everyone Strength and endurance sports. In addition, whey protein is extremequickly absorbed by the bodyand completely metabolized within 30-45 minutes of ingestion - ideal for after training. Give it a try.

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Vegetable vs. animal proteins

Building muscle works best with onebalanced intake of vegetable and animal proteins. The combination of animal and vegetable proteins ensures maximum biological value.

Why is that?
Animal and vegetable proteins each possessdifferent amino acid profiles. By consuming both sources, all that are important for the organism and the muscles can beessential amino acids Record with ease.

Animal protein is of higher quality for the human body, as it is more similar to human protein than vegetable protein, but a varied intake of both proteins is optimal.

The advantagevegetable proteins is that thisrarely cholesterol and often have a lower fat content. For example sweet potatoes and egg,Chia seeds with milk or jacket potatoes and quark are perfect sources of protein for building muscles.

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Women and egg white

Wacker maintains the mentality that women should use protein shakes less so that they do not build muscle. Because muscular women are unsexy.

But theFear of protein is in womenby no means justified. Women have a higher percentage of body fat and build muscle more slowly - and proportionally less - than men.

Generally, however, there is a tendency to build muscledifferent from person to person and is heavily dependent on exercise and diet. Women whoExercise regularly and get balanced andeat a diet rich in protein, will quickly see that the body is changing.

A woman who wants to build muscle, strives for a defined body and wants to improve fitness cangrab protein without a guilty conscience.

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Can i eat too much protein?

Too much protein harms the kidneys and makes the body too acidic. These 2 statements are often used in conjunction with a high-protein diet. TheScience disagrees about kidney damage due to protein.

What is clear, however, is that excess proteinis eliminated from the body. Athletes can increasingly use protein. Especially whenthe goal of building muscle reads.

Still is onebalanced nutrition from complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and high-quality proteinsPrerequisite for a fit and active life.


  • With a protein-rich diet you support your muscle building.
  • Protein must be given to the body through food.
  • Abalanced combinationMade from animal and vegetable proteins works best.
  • Women also need sufficient protein.
  • We recommend for muscle building1.3-1.5 g proteinper kilogram of body weight.
  • A post-workout shake up to an hour after training is useful for building muscle.


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