How good is the Tata Nano

BILD tested the Tata NanoHow well does the cheapest car in the world drive?

What good is a car for 2000 euros? BILD drove the Tata Nano, which can be had in India for the equivalent of around 2000 euros and is also to be sold in Europe in three years.

Optics: Large headlights, ultra-short front hood (underneath are the spare wheel and fuel filler neck).


2-cylinder petrol engine output 35 hp; 0–100 km / h 21 seconds; Top 105 km / h; consumption 4.3 l S; CO2 104 g / km; Price 2000 Euro * * Sales price in India

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The 3.10 meter short nano never wins a beauty award.

Feel good: Lots of plastic, but doesn't smell of fumes. Sparse cockpit with speedometer and fuel gauge.

At the front and back, I can easily accommodate my 1.93 meters. But the too small seats with zero lateral support are an impertinence. Wrong: for reasons of stability, the trunk lid is screwed shut.

Engine: The two-cylinder in the rear croaks like an old sewing machine, but hangs lively on the gas. However, the consumption of 4.3 liters is much too high for such a lightweight (630 kg).

Fun factor: Has its limits. Especially the sluggish steering and the stiff 4-speed gearbox are annoying. In addition, ABS, ESP and even airbags are missing. And sensible brakes.

Price: In India from around 2000 euros. In Europe, including airbags and ABS, a price of around 5000 euros is targeted.

BILD judgment: a hammer for 2000 euros! There’s just one in Germany for that Electric bike.


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