Is hemp more absorbent than cotton

Cotton, wool, hemp or bamboo, a little material science

It is not always easy to decidewhat materials you should choose. That's why we have put together a little material science for you. Here you will find the advantages and disadvantages of cotton, bamboo, hemp and wool.



Cotton pads, muslin diapers, flannel diapers

Cotton as an absorbent material comes in a wide variety of forms. Cotton liners, muslin diapers, flannel diapers, knitted diapers and many prefolds are made of 100% cotton. The great advantage of cotton is that it isabsorbs liquid extremely quickly. That's why you can do them well astop layer of the absorbent material. However, many hemp and bamboo liners can absorb more liquid than cotton liners. That is why it is good if you combine cotton interlining with bamboo or hemp interlining if necessary.



Bamboo liners, bamboo pant diapers, bamboo prefolds

Bamboo as an absorbent material stands a littlebetween the properties of cotton and hemp. It soaks up the liquid faster than hemp absorbent material, but not quite as quickly as cotton. But absorbent material made of bamboo is more absorbent than absorbent material made of cotton.


Hemp liners and hemp pant diapers

Hemp is mostly used in conjunction with cotton. This combination isvery very absorbent, but unfortunatelyhemp absorbs the liquid relatively slowly. Therefore, a hemp insert should always be used at the bottom of the absorbent pads. To do this, you should combine pads that can soak up liquid very quickly, such as pads made of cotton and bamboo.

If you're looking for a high-absorbency pant diaper that works completely without polyester, pant diapers with hemp are probably just the thing for you. They are available from Responsible Mother and Windelzauberland in our shop.

Hemp liners and hemp pant diapersgo with the first washes. This is completely normal and you don't need to be alarmed if the insoles come out of the washing machine a little smaller. Hemp liners and pant diapers are also useda little harder over time. Of course, this also depends on the hardness of your water. A tumble dryer session (if allowed) or kneading the pads can help.


Wool pads

You can grease wool pads and place them between the pants and absorbent pads. Because of this and more absorbent material, you can use theExtend the useful life of the diaper. This is an advantage at night or during longer trips. In our shop we offer you woolen pads from Lenya, Oops, Puppi, Anavy and Responsible Mother.

When you think your baby's diaper is too wet, or when your baby becomes onesore bottom tends, the wool pads from Responsible Mother are just right for you. You can place it ungreased between the absorbent material and your baby. youkeep your baby's bottom dry. The big advantage is that they are made of 100% wool, a natural material, and not 100% polyester.


So I recommend the following order:


1. ungreased wool insert to keep the bottom dry -only if required

2. Absorbent material made of cotton or bamboo - for example prefolds or insoles

3. Absorbent material made from hemp

4. greased wool insert for longer trips or at night -only if required

5. Woolen pants