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There the Gish sisters made the acquaintance of Gladys Smith, who toured with various vaudeville troops through Canada and the USA under the name "Baby Gladys", and in 1909 D. W. Griffith3) was able to convince her to give her roles in his films, where she would soon cause a sensation as "Mary Pickford". Now Lillian and Dorothy Gish, supported by their mother, tried to gain a foothold in the fledgling film business. In 1912 they spoke for the "Biograph Company"3) or with D. W. Griffith, who was so impressed by the intense play that he immediately saw the sisters in his short, criminalistic melodrama "An Unseen Enemy"3) (1912) occupied. In 1912 alone, under the direction of Griffith, ten one- and two-acts, common for the early silent film era, in which Lillian and Dorothy Gish appeared together, with Lillian becoming a more powerful actress over time. In total, the legendary director made more than forty silent films with Lillian Gish, including roles in important works in film history. She embodied a young mother in the biblical monumental epic "Judith von Bethulien"3) (1913, Judith of Bethulia), was Elsie Stoneman in the American Civil War masterpiece "The Birth of a Nation"3) (1915, The Birth of a Nation), which is undisputed as a cinematic milestone. prisma.de writes: "With this civil war epic, which had an unimaginable running time of over three hours for the time, Griffith clearly sided with the southern states. He considered the liberation of slaves to be wrong and his image of the black race is , to put it mildly, questionable. Lillian Gish plays Elsie Stoneman, one of the trapped whites in the legendary final scene: While the rebellious slaves threaten the good white family, the Ku Klux Klan rides to the rescue. The furious parallel montage that continues to this day This early masterpiece demonstrates the excitement of the tension, which is practiced over and over again, until the rescue in the literally last second, even if the political content of the film is reactionary. "

Lillian Gish ca.1930, photographed by Ruth Harriet Louise3) (1903 – 1940)
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