What is the definition of intercourse

What is sexuality?

We all know: sexuality encompasses a whole range of different sensations and actions and is much more than "just" sexual intercourse or a body function that can be normal or disturbed. Sexuality accompanies people for a lifetime and is an essential basic need and part of our personality, especially in the Within a relationship, attach a lot of importance.

The sexual reaction cycle proceeds differently in men and women. Common to both sexes is the initial phase of sexual desire, which, with appropriate foreplay, turns into a plateau phase of arousal. This phase shows up in physical changes - in men, the penis swells and stiffens. In women, the abundance of blood in the pelvis increases, the vagina becomes moist, and the external genitalia swells. In the further course, both sexes differ: men and women can reach orgasm and then let the sexual arousal subside. While most men want to achieve orgasm, followed by an (obligatory) break (called refractory period), women are more flexible: In addition to this "normal" reaction pattern (1 in the figure), satisfactory sexual intercourse is also possible without it Orgasm possible (2 in Fig.) - and several orgasms can also follow in quick succession (3 in Fig.)
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Physical, psychological and social factors

Our sexual experience and behavior is based on an interplay of

  • Physical factors such as the sensation of touch, sexual excitability, one's own body feeling and the interplay of hormones. Illnesses, the use of medication, high levels of alcohol, cigarette or drug consumption all influence our sexual experience and can lead to sexual disorders.
  • Mental factors whether we are tense, in love, angry, or balanced; whether we are afraid of failure or too high expectations and pressure to perform z. B. suffer if there is (still) no sexual experience.
  • Social factors, i.e. the environment of culture and society, e.g. B. How you were raised by your parents, whether you talk about your sexual experiences, desires and problems (with your partner), whether sex is socially tolerated before marriage, whether you show yourself freely in public, have been informed at school or whether everything is a big taboo subject.

How much sexuality or what one perceives as sexually stimulating ultimately depends on the culture in which one grew up is shown e.g. B. in the fact that men in China find the feet of potential sexual partners extremely sexy, whereas in Europe the female breasts are very important. In Africa, on the other hand, their buttocks play a major role in the sexual attraction of women.

But also the role models and standards given in the media of who and what is sexually attractive (and what is not) shape the social and personal awareness of sexuality. The most extreme example here is certainly the mania and pressure of slimness that prevail today, while a few centuries ago women who are now considered "fat" corresponded to the ideal of beauty.

Furthermore, in sexual medicine a distinction is made between various dimensions of sexuality that are closely interrelated, namely the relationship-oriented dimension, the reproductive dimension and the pleasure dimension.

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