What is Toastmasters

Toastmasters Speech Club

Toastmasters Clubs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland


Toastmasters is a speech club where like-minded people practice speaking in front of an audience. The idea of ​​this rhetoric club originally came from the USA.

The advantages for the members are manifold, because at Toastmasters not only speaking in front of groups is practiced, but also:

Overcome fear of speech,

Get speaking practice in front of an audience


Planning and implementation of efficient meetings

To criticize constructively and to accept criticism


Toastmasters offers challenging, but extremely inexpensive, part-time rhetoric training.

15 years ago there were only about 35 Toastmasters Clubs in Germany. A Toastmasters was not represented in all major cities. Today, however, there are 104 Toastmasters Clubs in Germany alone. There is at least one club in every city with more than 200,000 inhabitants. Most of the clubs are in Berlin, followed by Munich, followed by Hamburg.


Who can participate?

Anyone who is at least 18 years old. The program is aimed at both beginners and experienced speakers. In addition to basic training, Toastmasters offers a variety of advanced programs.



How does Toastmasters work?

Each participant sets their own goals and determines their own learning pace. A section of the meeting is devoted to prepared speeches. Members use a handbook to develop presentations that are designed to build on the previous one. The aim of a presentation is to work on a certain aspect of rhetoric such as posture, voice, gestures, eye contact, structure of the speech, etc.


During the impromptu speeches, the members learn to improvise short speeches. In the evaluation section, speakers receive constructive feedback from another member. This is an important learning experience not only for the speaker but also for the evaluator, who is learning to analyze speech in the process. The Uh counter and the language style observer point out superfluous filler words and give feedback on the language style, which enables the speakers to fine-tune their expressive technique.



Only every 1.5 years!

The "rhetoric event of superlatives": Now again on January 18-19, 2021 in Munich

  • Talkin front of over 100 people. 17 speeches in 2 days. Talking on a large stage. 4 assistant coaches
  • You can go on stage as a participant (5,600 euros)
  • As a viewer, you can follow all content (320 euros)


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Who are the Toastmasters?

Toastmasters International was founded in the USA in 1924 and has set itself the goal of teaching its members the art of speaking in front of groups in a practical, regular club meeting. Toastmasters training has benefited over 3 million people worldwide. There are currently almost 9,000 clubs in around 70 countries around the world. There are 104 clubs in Germany, making it the second strongest country after the USA. Toastmasters International is a non-profit organization and not for profit, the members only pay a small membership fee of around 20 € / month. Compared to a top rhetoric seminar with Matthias Pöhm, which costs you 1590 euros, this is a very modest investment. All relevant Internet addresses in German-speaking countries can be found here at the end of this page.


How does a Toastmasters meeting work?

Each of those present must first hold a footbridge speech. Then the prepared speeches of individual members come. Caution: If you have not registered for a prepared speech, you will not be able to speak. So show your initiative, otherwise you will become a meeting corpse who just watches like them other talk.


Toastmasters as an in-house club

Especially in the USA, but also increasingly in Europe, there are even many companies that have their own Toastmasters Club, such as American Express, Bayer, Boeing, Coca Cola, Dell, Esso, GTE, IBM, Intel, Kraft, Mastercard , Microsoft, Mobil Oil, Motorola, Nestle, Shell, Sun, Xerox, 3M.

In Europe, Switzerland has the largest number of company clubs in terms of population: UBS, Adecco, ABB, Swiss Life, Swisscom, Novartis, etc.


Here you can find the list of all Toastmasters Clubs in German-speaking countries

There is a collection of all the Toastmasters clubs. See if there is a club in your city as well. Here are the internet addresses

Toastmasters Germany: www.rhetorik-seminar-online.com/Toastmasters-Deutschland

Toastmasters Austria: www.rhetorik-seminar-online.com/toastmasters-oesterreich

Toastmasters Switzerland: www.rhetorik-seminar-online.com/Toastmasters-schweiz

Toastmasters Munich: www.rhetorik-seminar-online.com/Toastmasters-muenchen

Toastmasters Hamburg: www.rhetorik-seminar-online.com/Toastmasters-hamburg

Toastmasters Berlin: www.rhetorik-seminar-online.com/Toastmasters-berlin

Toastmasters Cologne: www.rhetorik-seminar-online.com/Toastmasters-koeln

Toastmasters Frankfurt: www.rhetorik-seminar-online.com/Toastmasters-frankfurt

Toastmasters Stuttgart: www.rhetorik-seminar-online.com/Toastmasters-Stuttgart


Last update: April 17th, 2020