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The printing cost calculation

Do you have major printing processes in your work and the printer is in constant use? Do you have to buy new printer cartridges or toner all the time and need mountains of paper? Do you feel that you can save a lot of money on printing costs? Then it would be an advantage to calculate your costs for the required consumables once. But there are also a few things that should be considered when purchasing a new printer. In the following article you will find out what you should consider when it comes to printing costs and how you can monitor and possibly reduce expenses.

For example, how much does one page per print cost you?

In order to be able to calculate the price of a page, several factors often play a role Calculation of printing costs an essential role. Many users divide the purchase price of the ink cartridge by the printing capacity of the cartridge. That will get you on the right track. But you should also take some important factors into account. Such as the printer used and the power consumption it generates, as well as the motifs to be printed. If, for example, photos or graphics are predominantly printed, more ink or color is of course required than a printout of a text document. Do you use a laser, color laser or an inkjet printer?

To reduce your printing costs or to make the right decision when buying a new device, the following information could help:

1. Which factors do I have to include?

2. Which print volume is used?

3. Calculate costs and save good money

4. Tips

Which factors do I have to include in my printing cost calculation?

Would you like to buy a new printer, but not sure which one is best for you, given the large selection? There is a very large selection on the market from top manufacturers such as Epson, HP Kyocera, Canon, Lexmark, Brother, Dell, Samsung and many others. So you should take the time to calculate your required consumables in advance. Because when buying a printer, it is not just a low purchase price that plays an important role in saving printing costs, but also the follow-up costs for ink cartridges or toner. So the first question you should ask yourself is whether the printer is used frequently and, due to the large number of printing processes, many replacement cartridges are needed each year. Or your printer is only used occasionally. Of course, this question is not easy to answer, but you should try to take the right path here.

The Calculation of printing costs will help you make a better decision of your favorite printer. If the printer is only used very rarely, however, you should take into account that ink cartridges dry out and may refuse to work the next time you use it and must be replaced before printing. You should also make sure that the life of your printer is preserved. If the ink cartridges in your inkjet printer have dried out, the printer should be cleaned regularly. It is advisable to use only original consumables for your printer. These replacement cartridges are 100% reliable and optimally matched to your printer. In addition, these deliver the best possible print results and are very productive.

Which print volume is used?

If you print 3 pages a week, you will get a print volume of approx. 470 pages in three years. If you print 100 pages a week for your job, you will have a print volume of approx. 5200 pages a year. It is not only the printing paper that needs to be taken into account, but also, as already mentioned, the consumables required.

Depending on which printer you choose or which printer you are already using, different consumables are required.

Toner: These are used exclusively for laser printers. The toner cartridges have a very good price-performance ratio and thus generate a very low price per page. However, more energy is used to use a laser printer. For example, the image drums must heat up to a certain temperature in order for the printer to be used.

Ink cartridges: These are usually not as productive as toners and can dry up with low consumption. The advantage of these consumables is that inkjet printers use considerably less energy than laser printers.

Tip: Whether ink cartridges or toner, Supplies-Discount offers you inexpensive consumables for your printer. Simply display your printer accessories using the product search in the shop.

Calculate costs and save good money

You can easily use Excel for this calculation, or if you do not have a calculation program, a sheet of paper, a pen and a calculator will suffice.

Page price calculation
What price do you pay for a package of printer paper and how much paper is in the package. Then divide the price by the number of paper pages. The result is the price per page. (e.g .: EUR 3.59 / 500 sheets = EUR 0.00718)

Consumables cost per page
A printed page usually consists of a maximum of 5% page coverage. This is usually quoted as printing performance by manufacturers. The printing performance is always stated on the carton of the ink cartridge or the toner. In order to be able to calculate the cost of consumables, you have to divide the purchase price (including VAT) by the printing service.

For example:
Ink cartridge price: 34 euros
Printing capacity: 2,200 pages
34/2200 = 0.0155 EUR

Printing costs per page
Printers for private users usually reach a number of pages of up to 30,000. If the printer has a purchase price of 249 euros, you have to divide this by the maximum number of pages that this printer can produce in its service life.
In our example 249 / 30,000 = 0.0083 EUR
The printing costs per page are then 0.0083 EUR

So we have determined the following costs:

  1. Paper cost per page
  2. Ink cost per page
  3. Printer cost per page

In order to make the invoicing as easy as possible for you, we have again created an Excel file with the invoice. Simply download it here and enter your individual values.

Want to Cut Printing Costs - Here are some tips

1. Only print what is actually needed

Printer users are often far too careless with consumables. Often complete web pages are printed, of which only a small part is actually used. We therefore recommend always marking the desired text content and printing it out. Or you can copy your text from the website into a Word file and print it out. This not only saves you paper, but also uses less ink.

2. Double-sided printing

The printer has double-sided printing (duplex printing) and it is mainly printed on one side. Here it makes sense to have larger print jobs such as Operating instructions, data sheets, etc. to be printed on both sides. This saves half of the paper with this function. This not only saves you paper costs, but also makes a small contribution to working in an environmentally friendly manner.

3. Zoom out - reduction function

Another tip would be to use the zoom out function. In the print preview you can see an image of what you are printing. If you still have enough space, try using the shrink function. With this function, depending on the size of the print job, you can save a few sheets. If everything is legible, you can start printing.

4. Does color printing really have to be?

Before you print, if you have a color printer, consider whether you really need this document in color. Maybe printed images in black and white are sufficient. This saves you valuable ink on the other cartridges.

5. Use the correct font

Would you like to start a larger print job that contains a lot of text? Then just try to choose a different font. Which is smaller, but still legible and uses thin lines.

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