What are the steps to code

Hello forum,

As you can see in the title, I would like to learn how to use the following programs, among others:

- ista, ksd2, ncs expert, ediabas and e-Sys

As well as coding E and F series.

First of all about my equipment:
Netbook with the following data:
- XP Professional 32bit (or should I use the 64bit version ???)
- Programs: ista, ksd2, ncs expert, ediabas and e-Sys
- Electric wire; what kind of cables do i need and where can i get them? (Especially for vehicles with the round socket in the engine compartment, e.g. E36 which adapter)
- Netbook has: AMD Athlon ™ II Dual-Core E-450 (1.6 GHz) with 4 MB L2 cache; 4 GB DDR3 RAM; VGA, HDMI, headphone output, microphone input, 3 x USB 2.0; Bluetooth 3.0, LAN and WLAN

- Is there anything else I need?

Thanks in advance
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the netbook is sufficient if you do without ISTA.

You need NCS Expert to code BMW E-models.
You need E-SYS to code BMW F models.

You don't need Ista and KDS2. KDS2 is basically the pay version of Ista.
Ista has a nice user interface and was / is used directly at the BMW dealer.
So it is easier to use and less can go wrong.
So Ista consists of several components and the easiest way to get it is as a VMWare pack.
You also need the ICOM emulator or an ICOM.
The whole thing has enormous hardware requirements, is very large (approx. 80GB) and will run very slowly.
If you want something fast, with the maximum range of functions that does not need 80GB, do without ISTA.

For BMW E models from 1996 onwards (except E36) you need the following interfaces / adapters:
MaxDia Diag2 +, Pin7-Pin8 connector and OBD2-OBD1 adapter

For BMW F models you need the following interface:
ENET interface

There you will get links to download the software and installation / coding instructions for NCS Expert / E-SYS.

E36 models are usually more problematic. For this and for vehicles built before 1996 you would have to look around for an ADS interface.


advice player
Diagnostic interfaces: http://www.obdexpert.de

Here you can also find answers to questions about installation / coding!

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ISTA / P is also available as a native version with ICOM emulator.

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Well then you should program with the Emu and CAN. There is hardly a greater risk than with it. Programming with ISTA is only safe with ICOM.