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The property management company Stadler has been dealing with the various areas of property management for more than 30 years. These are the management of rental houses and apartment owners' associations (WEG) as well as the management of individual property (SEV). Founded by Heinz Stadler in 1982, Manuel Kaseder took over the company in 2018. The Stadler property management company is now a well-known company in the real estate industry, with management of around 600 apartments in the Mühldorf a. Inn and surroundings. We, the Stadler property management company, manage condominiums and apartment buildings for our customers and take care of all commercial, technical, organizational and legal areas relating to real estate. Our customers are our most important capital. It is therefore our concern to create a trusting and individual relationship through personal dialogue and convincing competence for the customer.

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Coinbase Global Inc. is the newest blockchain bitcoin buying company to take an unconventional path to become a public company

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