OkCupid will change your location

Stalkers can find out location: Dating app put millions of users at risk

The dating app OkCupid has had 50 million users since it was launched, five million people should actively use it, and there should currently be one million new downloads every week. The program is part of the repertoire of the dating giant Match.com, which also includes apps like Tinder among its offerings - OkCupid's matching system was recently adapted to a similar system to that of the much more popular Tinder.

Research by the tech portal Cybernews shows that until recently, a security flaw in the app allowed people to find out the location of a user. This could endanger the safety of users: after all, the leak allows cyberstalkers to shift their activities directly into real life and to spy on people.

Exact distance readable

In this way, the security researchers were able to find out the last known location of a user - this is constantly updated when a user uses the app. The data could be used to find out exactly where someone is. "Cybernews" claims to have intercepted the information between the server and the app using a man-in-the-middle attack. The exact distance between the attacker and the victim can also be read in a ten to 20 meter radius.

Stalkers could therefore understand the exact daily routine of a user in the long term. Especially in countries with a restrictive legal situation, this could be dangerous for people from the LGBTQ + community, for example. After the report from "Cybernews", the vulnerability has now been fixed. (red, March 9th, 2020)