How does the Air Force practice

Report: German Air Force is apparently secretly training for nuclear war

The secret alliance exercise "Steadfast Noon" is said to have started this week: According to military experts, the air force practices, among other things, the safe transport of nuclear weapons.

The German air force is apparently training with NATO partners to defend the alliance area with nuclear weapons. According to information from the German Press Agency (dpa), a secret alliance exercise called "Steadfast Noon" began this week. According to the report, the use of fighter bombers is trained, which could be armed with nuclear weapons in the event of war.

According to dpa, the Nörvenich air base in North Rhine-Westphalia is one of the locations for the exercise this year. It is considered a possible alternative location for the tactical US nuclear weapons of the type B61, which, according to officially unconfirmed information, are stored in Büchel in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Exercise "Resilient Guard" runs at the same time

In Büchel, the "Resilient Guard" exercise is currently running at the same time, during which the air force trains to defend the air base there against a possible attack. According to the Bundeswehr, the use of the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system is practiced in difficult terrain.

The B61 stationed in Büchel could also be thrown off by German tornadoes in an emergency as part of NATO's "nuclear participation" and then, for example, switch off opposing armed forces. Further US nuclear weapons are said to be stored in Italy, Belgium, Turkey and the Netherlands. For example, Dutch, Belgian and Italian fighter planes are also involved in the current exercise.

The Bundeswehr announced on the Internet that the Italian Air Force would be visiting Nörvenich with ten aircraft until October 15. The flight volume at the air base will increase during this time, it is said.

Military experts: Safe transport of US nuclear weapons is practiced

According to military experts, the "Steadfast Noon" maneuvers that take place regularly in October practice, among other things, how to safely transport US nuclear weapons from underground magazines to the aircraft and mount them under the fighter jets. During training flights, however, there are no bombs. At first there was no information about the scenario of the exercise.

The danger of a war that is also waged with nuclear weapons is currently considered to be significantly higher than in the past three decades. The main reason is the end of the INF Treaty, a treaty to renounce land-based medium-range nuclear weapons-capable systems. The US had dissolved the agreement in the summer of 2019 with the backing of its NATO partners because they assume that Russia has been violating it for years with a medium-range system called the 9M729.

Another disarmament agreement is about to expire

Military experts expect that there could now be a new arms race. The USA is already working on a new mobile, ground-based medium-range system that would have been illegal in the days of the INF Treaty. According to current plans, it should only transport conventional - that is, non-atomic - warheads. However, it is unclear whether it will stay that way.

In addition, the last major disarmament agreement between Russia and the USA could soon expire. The New Start treaty to limit strategic nuclear weapons ends on February 5, 2021. Russia and the USA are talking about an extension of the agreement. However, Moscow has recently expressed little hope that an agreement can be reached with Washington under President Donald Trump.