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50 mindfulness exercises:This is how you become more mindful

8. Perceive breath

Sit in a quiet place where you are completely undisturbed. Close your eyes and consciously pay attention to your breath. At first, you will find that your breath is not even. If you count in your mind, the length of your inhalation will be different from your exhalation. Do not force a steady breath, but breathe calmly and slowly until it automatically adjusts and you breathe in as long as you breathe out. Breathing consciously is one of the most important exercises in mindfulness training. In everyday life we ​​tend to breathe too shallowly. If you observe and perceive your breath, you can sharpen your awareness of it and take active countermeasures in situations in which you are “breathless”. Various breathing exercises (pranayama) can help you with this.

9. Me-time

Consciously take time for yourself. Choose a time during the week when you do yourself good and appoint me-time. This can be a relaxing bath, a good dinner or simply spending time on the couch with an exciting book. You decide how you want to design your Me-Time. This promotes self-love and helps you to become more relaxed. Also, record the appointment in your calendar so that you don't miss it.

10. Mindful walking

Fresh air is good for you and is important! A walk is ideal if you want to free yourself from negative thoughts and want to deal with yourself and nature. Be mindful of this walk and take note of your impressions. What do you see? Do you smell something in particular? Walking ten minutes a day is enough to relax your body. You can combine this exercise with mindful walking.

11. Walk barefoot

Our feet are not born for shoes: we need freedom. Based on the previous exercise, mindful walking, use the walk to give your feet this freedom when the weather permits. In this way you experience nature even more intensely. But you can also consciously use the corridor in your bathroom in the morning to be aware of the floor below you. What do you feel It's cold? How does the surface feel that you walk on?

12. Find new ways

Instead of taking the usual route to work or the grocery store, take a new direction and find a new route. Perhaps the new path offers a lot more nature, beautiful corners or a café that you would like to visit. In this way you discover new things and become more aware of your surroundings.