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Deleting and managing cookies

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Cookies are small files that websites place on your PC to save information about your preferred settings. Cookies can make browsing easier because websites can save your preferred settings or you don't have to log in every time you visit certain websites. However, some cookies may compromise your privacy by tracking the websites you have visited.

How to delete cookies

  1. In Internet Explorer, choose the button Extras off, point on security and then select clear browser history out.

  2. Activate the check box Cookies and Website data, and then select Delete out.

Block or allow cookies

You can block cookies if you do not want websites to store cookies on your PC. Blocking cookies can prevent certain pages from being displayed correctly. You may also see a message stating that you must allow cookies in order to view the website.

  1. In Internet Explorer, choose the button Extras and then Internet options.

  2. Select the tab privacy and under Settings the option Extended, and choose whether you want to allow or block first- or third-party cookies, or whether you want to be prompted to accept them.