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A neem seed extract shampoo is recommended for the scabies mite of dogs. In a 2008 study, 8 out of 10 treated dogs were completely mite-free at the end of therapy. Only a few mites were counted in the remaining two.

The shampoo was used Wash Away Louse of Alpha-Biocare. The dogs were shampooed once a day for 14 days. On the seventh day, four dogs were free from mites. There were no side effects.

Neem and turmeric help with scabies

In an Indian study from 1992 with 814 scabies patients, a cure was apparently achieved in 97 percent with a paste made from neem and turmeric within 3 to 15 days. Unfortunately, the specific recipe could no longer be found. But this study suggests that turmeric can also be included in the treatment.

Lavender oil kills the mites

The essential lavender oil also has a deadly effect on the itch mite and soothes itching. Put 8 drops of the oil on a bathtub and bathe in it for 30 minutes. Or you can mix the essential lavender oil and olive oil in a ratio of 1: 5, apply it to the affected skin and wash it off after 15 minutes with a mild soap.

Vinegar against the mites

Vinegar is also said to kill the mites (apple cider vinegar or wine vinegar). Mix the vinegar 1: 1 with water and apply this mixture three times a day. After 15 minutes they are rinsed off again.

Chili could ease the discomfort

For people with fairly insensitive skin, chilli could be a way to alleviate the symptoms. The sharp powder is deadly on the mites. 4 tablespoons of ground chilies are placed in a bathtub. After 30 minutes you end the bath and shower off. The bath should be taken once a day. Capsaicin - the active ingredient in chili peppers - also has a desensitizing effect and can thus reduce itching.

This measure is not suitable for sensitive skin due to the spiciness of the chilli powder.

Aloe Vera removes the itchiness

Pure aloe vera gel was shown in a test from 2009 (Phytotherapy Research) with a total of 30 patients as effective as a lotion made from benzyl benzoate. 16 participants received the aloe vera gel and only two were itchy after the end of the treatment. Of the 14 participants who had been treated with the conventional medical benzyl benzoate, 3 people still felt itchy at the end. The lesions had disappeared in all participants.

How can you promote wound healing with Krazte?

Since scabies is accompanied by severe itching and skin lesions, wound healing measures are always used. From a naturopathic point of view, the following methods have proven to be helpful for scabies:

  1. Mix turmeric with lemon juice to a paste and apply to the skin once a day. Wash off after an hour.
  2. Aloe Vera also promotes wound healing. Several times a day, e.g. B. after a treatment with tea tree oil, apply and let dry. Use a pure aloe vera gel.
  3. In the case of the use of essential oils presented above, it is also recommended, especially for sensitive skin, to mix the oils with a zinc oxide ointment and only then apply it. The ointment prevents skin irritation from the essential oils and supports wound healing. In this case, you take 100 grams of cream, stir in 1 ml of oil (e.g. clove and tea tree) or more and apply the cream in the evening. They are washed off in the morning. A compress or bandage will keep the cream from getting on clothing or bedding.

For scabies: use natural remedies and strengthen the immune system

Since not everyone who comes into contact with an infected person is infected with scabies, how susceptible they are to the mite obviously depends to a large extent on the state of the individual's immune system. At the latest when the scabies is circulating nearby, but of course also when you are affected yourself, measures should be used that strengthen or relieve the immune system.

This includes the usual measures of a healthy diet and lifestyle, such as a full diet rich in vital substances and a lot of fruit and vegetables and avoiding alcohol, white flour and sugar at the same time.

Food supplements that have a positive effect on skin health and wound healing (e.g. zinc, OPC, B complex, vitamins C and D) can also be taken at the same time. Mineral earths such as zeolite can also be used. They help to expel toxins via the digestive system and - similar to antioxidants (astaxanthin, sulforaphane, etc.) - enormously relieve the immune system.

Some medicinal mushrooms, such as Reishi or Cordyceps, have a specific mobilizing effect on the immune system.

A strong immune system also protects against secondary infections and helps the body - just like the natural remedies presented - to overcome scabies as quickly as possible.


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